Why Do We Get Nervous?

Everyone one at one point in their life has felt nervousness. But don’t worry being nervous is completely normal! You can get nervous during an important exam or when speaking to a group of people But have you ever wondered why do we get nervous? Is there a specific reason? Does something happen in our body? As it turns out, this feeling is the result of a scientific reaction which takes place in stressful situations.

During stressful moments, your brain sends a signal from your pituitary gland all the way to your kidney. This is when you are going to start feeling the butterflies in your stomach – due to adrenaline being created.

The part of the brain that is responsible for nervousness is called the hypothalamus. The situation that is making you nervous is considered to be not normal by the brain that is why it triggers the hypothalamus to release adrenaline into the bloodstream. The adrenaline causes the blood pressure and your heart rate to increase. This is what is called the fight or flight moment.

You can combat nervousness by taking deep breaths and at the same time thinking of the situation as being normal. This sends signals to your brain, and it perceives the situation as normal, and it stops the hypothalamus from releasing adrenaline into your bloodstream making you calm down.

The adrenaline causes a redirection of blood to the heart and in doing so drives the blood away from your digestive system which causes a funny tingling sensation.

There are many different degrees of this feeling. The more important the outcome of the situation is – the more nervous you will feel. This is why going to school without homework might not be as stressful as failing an exam!

So that’s why we get nervous. That took some thinking!

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