Why Do Lions Roar?

Lions, like all animals. roar as a way to communicate. Beginning at the age of 2, lion cubs are able to start roaring. Similar to humans, we speak using different tones, pitches and volumes as a way to get our message across and to tell each other apart.

Each lion also has their own voice and uses roars for different reasons. The loud roars you may be more familiar with are used as a way to ward off potential enemies and to mark their territory. If you’ve ever heard a lion roar, you’ve probably been inclined to stay away. But this is not the only reason why they roar. When we want to speak to others at a long distance we are able to use cell phones or laptops. Unfortunately, lions cannot use either of those things and must also rely on their roar to communicate long distances. This is very useful when female lions are calling out to lost cubs or are warning others of potential danger.

At 114 decibels, this roar is louder than a chainsaw and can be heard up to 5 miles (8 km) away. Can you imagine speaking to someone at the top of Mt Everest and having them hear you from the bottom? With a roar as loud and powerful like that, it’s no wonder the lion has been dubbed the ‘king of the jungle.”

And that’s why lions roar. That took some thinking!

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